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WATCH: Charles Barkley Gives Advice To OJ Simpson, And Then Totally Disrespects Lonzo & Lavar Ball


Charles Barkley is a legendary former NBA superstar, an Olympic gold medalist and, now, he appears to be acting as a life coach for ex-conman OJ Simpson. The Juice just got out of jail, and Mr. Barkley has taken full notice to OJ’s release. TMZ caught up with big baller Charles and asked him “if (he) thinks OJ is going to keep out of trouble?”

Barkley replied, “I hope so. He’s done everything possible to screw this thing up.”

The interviewer also asked the former MVP if OJ should take up some of the job offers he’s been receiving, including a brothel. But Barkley believes that OJ should be low-key following his arrest, and just hang around his Florida home and golf. He doesn’t want OJ to make too much noise.

Barkley also totally dissed Lonzo Ball and his dad Lavar. The interviewer spoke to the former All-Star MVP about Lonzo Ball’s inclusion into the Los Angeles Lakers. The interviewer asked if the Lakers will become a playoff team now that they’ve scooped up Ball. Barkley quickly responded with, “HELL NO!”

Charles also took a shot at Lavar. I mean, who can blame him?

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