O.J. Simpson Net Worth 2022: How Much Is O.J. Simpson Worth Right Now?

There has been no better case of someone transitioning from famous to infamy than what O.J. Simpson has managed to accomplish. From the star of the hit hidden camera television show Juiced to now a convicted kidnapper, the term “fall from grace” could never be more appropriate.
With Simpson’s upcoming parole hearing this July 20th, the country is wondering if we will ever see our clean cut criminal crusader ride again into another commercial for Hertz rental car company, because their future prospects for advertisements has been looking bleak since Simpson left them. If you’re as invested as I am, then ESPN has you covered as they will be airing the parole hearing for a 90-minute Outside the Lines special — this is all true — because baseball isn’t enough for them during the NBA and NFL drought.
This isn’t ESPN’s first time dabbling with Simpson as they worked closely with him during the compelling television drama “Made in America” where Simpson plays a fictionalized version of himself where he is a former NFL MVP who was then tried for the murder of his wife and her boyfriend but ended up being acquitted. America can be disgusted at the idea of giving this man anymore attention, but the ratings will still be satisfying for ESPN because we’re all just a little too nosey.
We’re going to take a trip through the gap and see how much O.J. Simpson is worth now after what Edleman would call a public relations holocaust.

O.J. Simpson’s Net Worth as of 2019: $250,000

A valuable lesson could be learned here if you’re truly serious about budgeting yourself: plead guilty. Let’s see where O.J. Simpson went wrong…


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Simpson was already heavily decorated from his time at USC so it was already a given that he was going to be the first selection by the AFL’s Buffalo Bills, back when the NFL had to learn to share players. Simpson was threatening to leave football to be the acting juggernaut he’s known for today if he didn’t receive a lucrative 5-year, $650,000 contract, which adjusted for inflation was extremely lucrative as it clocks in at $4,330,000. He eventually settled for around $350,000, which was still more than any rookie made at the time.
Simpson was not successful during his first four years of his contract and as a result, neither was his team. After two coaching changes, Simpson went on to rush for 1,000 yards in 1971, followed by breaking the 2,000-yard mark the season after during a time when the NFL only played 14 games averaging 6 yards per carry. Simpson would have three more seasons rushing for 1,000 yards and flirted with 2,000 until injuries slowed him down.
During his free time tearing up the league, Simpson was also preparing himself for life post-football. He made guest appearances in shows like Ironside, Cade’s Country, among a few others, a role in Roots, and roles in movies films like The Towering Inferno and The Klansman. Not only that but Simpson also earned his endorsement with Hertz who were reportedly paying him up to $550,000 a year, most likely because Hertz knew it’d be a bad idea to divorce O.J. Simpson.
Simpson was traded to the 49ers where he accumulated only 1,000 yards and four touchdowns. Simpson went on to leave the game of football behind for more fruitful fortunes…



Simpson started a new film production company, Orenthal Productions, which created four television films in the late 70’s and early 80’s all starring O.J. Simpson. Simpson’s charisma carried him through the Naked Gun trilogy and a slot as one of the hosts of Saturday Night Live.
Not only did he own a television production company, by Simpson also heavily endorsed Pioneer Chicken, even owning two franchises, which at the time was west coast Chick-Fil-A. Simpson’s second wife, Nicole-Brown Simpson, divorced O.J. Simpson.


O.J. Simpson in court room

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Simpson ended up losing a lot in his well-documented divorce to Nicole Brown-Simpson but ended up losing more in her again, well-documented, murder. Simpson lost every avenue of income from his conviction in Brown’s murder trial, his endorsements, his pilot for NBC, and his reputation.
In order to generate enough income in order to put together what would be justified as the All Star Team of legal representation, Simpson spent most of his time in prison signing memorabilia generating up to $3 million.  Although Simpson was able to escape with his freedom, he would go on to have to pay $33 million for the death of his ex-wife and her lover, Ron Goldman in a civil suit leaving him in financial ruin.
Simpson’s Los Angeles estate went into foreclosure in 1997, was bought and immediately demolished. You would think Simpson would accept the public consensus and move forward into a quiet, secluded life. Trying to profit off of his murder trial, Simpson attempted to become New York Times best-selling author O.J. Simpson with his book “If I Did It”. The controversy was aplenty and Simpson was planning his comeback with a companion interview with FOX planned as well. The roll-out was DOA and the publishing rights were sold to the Goldman family.
One last attempt at winning over the public back, Simpson starred in a faux pay-per-view reality series where he told common civilians that they “Got Juiced” with pranks that involved selling a white Bronco with a signed bullet hole in it.




Sports memorabilia was always going to be Simpson backup plan for the money, so it made sense when he justifiably robbed someone at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel. The jury was unable to see where Simpson was coming from, finding him guilty of all twelve charges. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison with a possibility of parole in nine years. A bid for a new trial was attempted but rebuked due to a lack of merit. He is currently being held at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.


Nine years it already has been and Simpson’s parole hearing will be July 20th exclusively on ESPN, which by the way is still a real thing. Also, a real thing is that the Sports Book has Simpson heavily favored to be granted parole with odds at -300.
With the abundance of documentaries and mini-series surrounding Simpson’s life, Jay-Z song alike. People have been making money off of Simpson, the man hasn’t seen a dime of it and it’s warranted. The man could have done a lot of good in the world with his fame and charm. The only charity this man has contributed to us is the Dave Chappelle chronicles.


This spectacle of O.J. Simpson only certifies that there’s no crazier ride you can take than sports in America, God bless.


O.J. Simpson is planning to file a $100 Million lawsuit against a high-end Las Vegas hotel in 2018 after he claimed it to portray him in an unfair manner.










Dr. Phil McGraw wants to interview O.J. Simpson to interrogate him about the murder of Nicole Ron Goldman and Brown Simpson.

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