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Scott Blumstein Wins World Series Of Poker & $8.15 Million After Hitting Three-Outer On The River


ESPN/Sports Action/YouTube

New Jersey native Scott Blumstein and Pennsylvania’s Daniel Ott were the last two players standing at the 2017 World Series of Poker. Blumstein had a substantial chip lead, but the tournament was still far from over.

After Ott raised from the big blind position, Blumstein went all-in. Ott had to choose between calling and risking elimination or folding and living to fight another day. Ott decided to push all of his chips into the center of the table, and with him holding Ace-eight suited vs. Blumstein’s hand of Ace-two offsuit, he made the right call.

But even though the odds were overwhelmingly in Ott’s favor, the poker gods ripped his heart out. In the video below, watch Blumstein win the World Series of Poker and $8.15 million in thrilling fashion.

What a brutal f*cking way to lose. Only three cards in the entire deck could’ve beaten Ott, and unfortunately for him, the two of hearts was one of them. But at least Ott still got to take home $4.7 million. That’s one helluva consolation prize.

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