Conor McGregor, Who Opened At +950 Against Mayweather, Now Sits At +375

Quick lingo breakdown for the non-gamblers in the room.
When the line first opened for a potential Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather super fight back in November, Las Vegas sportsbooks put McGregor’s odds of winning that fight at +950.
What that means is, if you were to bet $100, you would win $950. In the world of sports gambling, being +950 means you essentially have no chance.
But now here we are, 8 months after the line originally opened and one month until the fight, and McGregor now stands at +375. A big underdog by all accounts, sure, but Vegas now give McGregor three times the chance they originally did.
via Yahoo Sports:

Kevin Bradley, the sports book manager of, said betting on Mayweather-McGregor has been massive already.

“We knew this fight would be big, potentially even bigger than the Super Bowl, but now we are almost certain it will be,” Bradley said. “The recent trash talking and promotional tour is only encouraging bets and at this rate we cannot even imagine how much we will take on it. One thing is for sure though, we will need Mayweather huge. A McGregor early round KO as he promised would be a potential disaster and is partly a reason we are giving a great price on Mayweather at the moment.”

Bovada released a slew of wagering possibilities, but the odds on McGregor have dropped significantly. Mayweather is down to minus-500, while McGregor is now at plus-350.

Still, odds are that McGregor loses this fight, but he’s even got Vegas believing that he’s got a real punchers chance. Enough to make the sportsbooks sweat, at least.

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