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Has there ever been a television show to come out of obscurity and capture the pop cultural zeitgeist quite like the first season of Stranger Things?

Back when the show quietly dropped on Netflix during Summer 16, it debuted to minimal hype. In fact, I remember G-chatting my friends (while hard at work, of course) about this ‘new mindf*ck alien Netflix show’ that we should give a try. And try it we did. We sat down that Sunday for the first episode and didn’t stand up again until we finished. In the age of bingeing, this was a show that truly optimized the appeal of ‘the binge’ — eight tight hours of edge of your seat entertainment.

When the show first aired, a second season was far from guaranteed. However, once the masses got a hold of the delight that is Stranger Things, a ‘sequel’ was greenlit, and the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, were off and running.

We got our first taste of what to come during this year’s Super Bowl:

Now, here we are, almost exactly one year removed from the show’s debut and Netflix has released more looks at the sci-fi hit’s follow-up act, including when the second season will premiere, October 27:

While we are still waiting on a full official trailer for Stranger Things 2, odds are we won’t have to wait much longer, as it will likely debut at San Diego Comic-Con, which begins on July 20.

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