Leonardo DiCaprio Is Living The American Dream And Not Just Because He's Rich & Famous

Leonardo DiCaprio is The Man. Yeah, he’s filthy rich, world famous and uber talented. But that’s not why he’s The Man. Well, it is, but it’s not why I’m calling him The Man right now. No, Leo is The Man because he’s reached a level of unattainable desirability that he doesn’t even have to be in shape to bag those 25-year-old models he’s so fond of.
It’s well documented that Leo helped to popularize the “Dad Bod” two years ago when the paparazzi snapped some unflattering pictures of him on a beach with some hotties. But, this being Leo and all, no one criticized his growing belly and shaggy beard. We found it endearing and charming! Hey look, Leo is a normal dude like us! These days, he’s still in full Dad Bod mode and apparently even brags about it.
A source told Page Six that the Academy Award winner was “overheard boasting about his workout habits – or lack thereof – at a pre-Fourth of July bash in Malibu, California.”
“It was a party at this private estate. He was drinking beer and bragging to these models about how he doesn’t work out,” the source said. “The girls were like, ‘Does he think that’s attractive? It’s not like he’s in ‘Titanic’ shape anymore,'” the source told the outlet.
This isn’t the first time a few ladies have spoken out against the King of the World. Swimsuit model Jaimie Sullivan told the National Enquirer, “Leonardo DiCaprio is always cheesy. He’s always at the club. You are like, ‘Aren’t you a little too old to be here when you have gone through most of the girls already?
“He’s not my type. I like tall guys. I have to be physically attracted to the guy. He’s got a dad bod. He’s got some cushion for the pushin.”
And yet, he’s still crushing the game. Every other weekend he’s snapped with a new bombshell, dad bod be damned! Say what you want, but Leo has redefined the game with his bold trailblazing. God bless you, sir.

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