Here Are The Absolute Best Comedy Podcasts For Your Morning Commute

Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity lately. You can find something to listen to in any genre, but the comedy world is thriving in the medium right now. If you’re curious as to why podcasts have taken off, business insider had this to say when evaluating the new trend:

Almost 20% of U.S. adults ages 18 to 49 listen to podcasts at least once a month, according to a new report from comScore and audio network Wondery. This data tracks with an earlier report from Edison Research, which discovered that 21% of U.S. adults listened to a podcast in the last month, up from 17% in 2015.
The increase in digital media consumption on mobile, as well as the increasing number of podcasts available, has made it far more attractive to both listeners and advertisers. Serial became a huge part of mainstream culture at the end of 2014, as the podcast had 75 million episode downloads after the first season debuted.
That popularity has led to the appearance of podcasts in the greater digital media ecosystem, as many large digital publishers have released their own podcasts in the last two years.

Here are the best comedy podcasts of 2017.

Nerdist Podcast

Chris Hardwick just doesn’t stop working. He’s a man of the people and is rumored, by me, to be running for the 2020 presidency– #Hardwick2020 (he need not a VP). Chris lives for the art of comedy as has become apparent by putting out 870+ Nerdist podcasts, hosting Talking Dead (an hourly aftershow on AMC affiliated with the network’s zombie drama series The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead), as well as “Talking with Chris Hardwick”, a show in which Hardwick interviews prominent pop culture figures. Other shows include @midnight with Chris Hardwick, a nightly comedy-game show series on Comedy Central, and The Wall, a “plinko” inspired gameshow on NBC.
The show is said to be made by/for nerds, but even if you don’t fit into that demographic I promise you Hardwick has a kindred sensibility about him that is entertaining to all. He mostly has comedians, filmmakers and writers on his show. For instance, check out Will Sasso’s take on compensating for small penises.

WTF with Marc Maron

In September 2009, WTF aired following the cancellation of Maron’s Air America terrestrial radio program Breakroom Live with Maron & Seder. Maron retained his Air America building keycard and used their studios to record the first several episodes of WTF without permission. Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.
A lot of comedy is rooted in tragedy, and tragic thought for that matter. What a comedian does is chisel away at the block of marble that is a sometimes somber reality, and make it look pretty and presentable for the audience. It makes everything comical and comfortable for the time being, and life goes on. This is the dark side of comedy that isn’t thought about often, but it’s there.
This podcast hosts a majority of the world’s most renowned comedians, as do many others. What makes it different, and what I love about Marc Maron is his instantaneously sparked moments of sheer intensity and passion that drive someone to rant on something beyond the confines of what rappers got beef with whomever, what housewife of county “x” is bangin’ the househusband of county “y”, and so on. The clip included above is a testament to the mind of Marc Maron. If any of what he says resonates with you, definitely give WTF with Marc Maron a listen.


It is hosted by writer Dan Harmon, best known as the creator of the sitcom Community and the critically-acclaimed show everyone is teething for the return of, Rick and Morty. Harmontown began as a monthly live comedy show in Los Angeles, California at the NerdMelt Showroom on May 23, 2011, but the show became weekly after Harmon was fired from Community. Since the summer of 2012, each episode of Harmontown has been recorded and released as a podcast by Feral Audio.
Much like the rest of Dan Harmon’s work, he makes his brilliant conceptualizations of theoretical phenomena funny and dumbed-down for the public. For example, check out some of the best scenes from Rick and Morty to pick up what I’m putting down, broh.

The original premise of Harmontown began with Harmon’s and Davis’s attempts to discuss how to successfully eliminate the flaws of society and create a utopia (which they claimed could be addressed with the creation of a lunar colony) in front of a live audience. The show evolved into what Harmon and Davis call “live therapy sessions” for Harmon, as he discussed with Davis a variety of topics, from anecdotes about his family and work to commentaries on movies, social issues, and scandals.

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

Earwolf producer Matt Gourley (Superego) and Andy Daly ( Comedy Central series Review) have spent many months sorting through podcast pilots to curate this collection of their efforts.

Together they’ll bring you podcast pilots submitted by a beloved cowboy poet, a theatrical director who specializes in girls, a satanist game show host, a water skiing legend and many more. All of these would-be podcasters have, oddly enough, taken advantage of the open door policy on Comedy Bang Bang, but there is so much more to discover about each and every one of them…

How Did This Get Made

Brought to you by some members of the cast of The League, this is a podcast on the Earwolf network. It is hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas. Every show has a different guest and features the deconstruction and mockery of bad films.
After discussing the film, Paul Scheer will read what they refer to as “second opinions” in the form of five-star reviews posted online by users.The show is released every two weeks.
Supposedly, the podcast was started when the hosts were talking about how bad Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was over drinks and after seeing Old Dogs in the theater.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Watching these clips of Joey Diaz rants brought me to The Joe Rogan Experience, and I’m happy it did. The videos above are a polarizing representation of what The Joe Rogan Experience truly is. It has the range of talks with Joey Diaz about peeing on fetishists, all the way to talks with Neil DeGrasse Tyson about quantifying infinities, and everything in between.
It is a free audio and video talk podcast hosted by American comedian, actor, sports commentator, and television host Joe Rogan.
The podcast was launched by Rogan and his friend Brian Redbanon December 24, 2009. The experience has almost one thousand shows and has become one of the United States’ most popular podcasts.

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