Ronda Rousey Says Squatters Stole Her Olympic Rings & Slept In Her Bed

Ronda Rousey went on Live with Kelly & Ryan recently and revealed that she had her Olympic rings and gun stolen during a break in.
According to the 30-year-old MMA Star, her fiancee Travis Browne returned to their Venice, California, home after she discovered they had been robbed. She told Kelly and guest host Jerry O’Connell that she stopped by her house after being away and was shocked to find out there had been squatters staying there.
“We realized we were robbed. Someone had been squatting in my house for like three days, sleeping in my bed. [They] stole my Olympic rings, stole my guns, all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house. You don’t realize everything at first then [you realize that] all the headphones are gone!”
The former UFC bantamweight champion explained that Browne managed to track down the suspects.
“We had security cameras so then we looked back at them and we saw that they were a bunch of kids with skateboards and there’s a famous skatepark right across from the street, cause we’re in Venice. My man is 6’7 and 260 – he like bee-lines it straight to the to the skateboard park. Finds the guys right away. He’s smart enough not to [smacking action] in the middle of the [park]…We found the police right then and they caught them,” she concluded.
TMZ identified two of the suspects as 21-year-old Zhamila Bolat and 20-year-old Alim Young. Both suspects have been arrested for burglary, but they have not been formally charged.
Rousey’s UFC career has been the subject of much speculation since 2015. Following back-to-back knockout losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, many in the sport expect her to retire.

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