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Xbox Champion’s 11-Year Record Falls As He Takes Break To Go On Honeymoon (Loser)



Every king’s reign must come to an end.

For 11 years, Ray “Stallion83” Cox has sit atop the Iron Throne of gaming. As Eurogamer puts it, Cox has held the world record Gamerscore “since Achievement-hunting first became a thing” and he was the first person on planet Earth to pass every major Gamerscore milestone, including the first person to pass 1m Gamerscore in 2014.

I’m not even a gamer – the last time I picked up the sticks I was still a teenager – and even I find that damn impressive.

Sadly, it turns out Stallion83 is just a mere mortal who enjoys normal everyday things like getting married and going on a honeymoon. This, as it turns out, would be his downfall.

His longtime arch enemy Stephen “smrnov” Rowe seized the opportunity to surpass Cox’s score by the slimmest of margins – 5,600 points (smrnov has 1,591,450 to Stallion83’s 1,585,854).

But, to Cox’s credit, he responded to the L like Jon Snow trading verbal barbs with Ramsay Bolton.

Well played, Stallion 83, well played. Now go out there and reclaim your throne like the avenging warrior you are. Huzzah!

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