Xbox One X: Specs, New Features, Price & Must-See Details

Microsoft announced its rumored Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio, during their E3 Press Conference presentation last Sunday, boasting a number of the new console’s features. We also learned the release date is November 7th of this year.

Until the Microsoft Press Conference, only rumors surrounding a mysterious project Microsoft was working on swirled around the press and in the minds of the fans, but nothing definitive was known about the elusive project. Now, not only do we know of a new console, we know the price, release date, specs and new games that support 4k. We also saw new gameplay footage from games played on the exciting console.

Xbox One X: Features & Specs

The Xbox One X offers the significant upgrade to be powerful enough to run “true 4k” resolution games at 60 fps, according to Microsoft.

Some of the key new features include 4k resolution gaming, a 2.3GHz processor and six of graphics power, 1.8 teraflops more than the rivaled PlayStation 4 Pro, making it the most powerful console on the market. The new console is also the smallest but heaviest in the Xbox family.

We also learned that Xbox isn’t making a profit off of the console sales, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer pointing out that the “money-making part is in selling games.”

Microsoft assured us too that the Xbox One X will support VR, integrating its own version of Windows 10 VR headsets with help from Dell.

Xbox One X: Impressions

A TechCrunch video hailed the new graphics of the console, saying “the visuals are amazing. It really looks beautiful” and that playing the games was an “indulgent visual experience.” Further on down the article however, they cautioned customers from paying the steep asking price if they don’t have the hardware to support 4k resolution gaming.

Chances are, people also won’t likely notice a difference in immersion compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. ArsTechnica reflected this opinion, saying the increased graphics performance is “noticeable,” but nothing to “wow” over, especially not in the same way that gaming changed when consoles adapted to 1080p resolution.

The Xbox One X will be released on November 7th, 2017 with a heavy cost of $499. It’s recommended to check if your television is compatible with 4k gaming before purchasing the console.

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