Brazilian Referee Finally Decides To Fight Back, Pulls Gun On Soccer Player Who Punched Him


South American referees have a long history of getting their asses handed to them.

It isn’t their fault — they’re just trying to do their job — it’s just that South American soccer leagues aren’t necessarily the most lawful places on Earth.

Usually, you’ll see a ref get hit with a combo or a kick and either continue to ref or just leave entirely.

But not this time. No, this time the ref was fighting back, once and for all.

via Mirror:

Referee Camilo Eustáquio de Souza, was filmed grabbing the weapon from his bag along with a pair of handcuffs last Sunday, as an angry player, named as Marcos Lopes Vieira, disputed the decision and allegedly punched him in the face.

Mercifully Mr de Souza’s extraordinary reaction was too late because Mr Vieira escaped as soon as he saw the ref wasn’t returning with a red card.

The player fled the ground, jumping the Starling Soares Stadium fence in Passos, south east Brazil, to hide in the dressing room. Footage captures Mr de Souza, a police officer, returning to the bench and collecting his stuff as bewildered players look on, giving him a wide berth.

When I used to play, I used to talk A LOT of shit to the referees, so remind me never to join a Brazilian soccer league.



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