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WATCH: Soccer Player Gets Red Card, Goes Crazy & Knocks Down Ref

Canada Economy 2015 facebook's YouTube

Canada Economy 2015 facebook’s YouTube

In case you haven’t been following along with the heated action of Brazil’s Sรฉrie C soccer league, let me set the scene for you. According to 101 Great Goals, Guarani had already locked up the championship before their regular season finale against Boa. Even though the match didn’t matter, a Guarani defender named Ferreira got frustrated that Boa was whipping their ass. During the second half of Boa’s upset 3-0 win, Ferreira lost his damn mind after getting a red card.

Jesus Christ, what a maniac. Not only was that a huge dick move, it was also totally unnecessary. You’re already the champions, Ferreira, so who the hell cares if you get a red card? Just go into the locker room and pound some celebratory beers like a normal person. I really wish another referee came flying out of nowhere and Zinedine Zidane’d that jerk into next week.

Ferreira needs to study this tape of Travis Kelce, as this is the proper and classy way to argue with a referee. Sportsmanship, don’t leave home without it!

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