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Rugby Player Knocks Out Referee With Despicable Sucker Punch


Allan Donald’s Twitter

In a recent juniors French Cup match between Saint-Esteve and Toulouse, a player committed one of the most disgusting acts of violence that you will ever see on a rugby pitch. A center for Saint-Esteve, who’s name has yet to be released, was given a yellow card by referee Benjamin Casty. Instead of dealing with the ref’s ruling like a normal person and uttering a few curse words under his breath, the player hit Casty with a devastating cheap shot.

Watch Casty get knocked out cold from a classless sucker punch.

That’s as bush league as it gets. And apparently, dickhead behavior is common for this guy, as he was already suspended for four games earlier in the season.

Here’s Mirror with details on the fallout from this troubling incident.

According to reports in France, referee Casty was taken to hospital suffering cheekbone and jaw injuries.

French Rugby League Federation president Marc Palanques condemned the violence, saying: “I hope that the National Disciplinary Commission, which will meet on Wednesday, will be uncompromising.”

The Saint-Esteve player at the centre of the appalling incident is set to be banned for life, while the president of the club, Christian Cozza, is reportedly expected to resign.

Cozza said: “This player had already been suspended four games earlier in the season and I did not want him to play.”

A lifetime ban would be a perfectly just ruling to me. This guy must be long-lost cousins with that jackass Bruno Andres Doglioli.

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