Drake Dominated The NBA Awards Last Night

You ever hear of this Drake guy? Pretty talented dude.
Last night, the NBA Awards went down in Brooklyn, and what originally seemed like a superfluous cash grab actually turned out to be a rather entertaining event.
And the reason for that was Drake. Yup, Drake. As if they guy wasn’t talented enough, he proved himself to be a pretty competent award show host as well.
First, he opened with a killer four-minute, sniping everyone from Draymond Green to the lowly Brooklyn Nets:
Then, a couple of fire skits– one with Will Ferrell and the other parodying Get Out:

But the highlight of the night was Drake’s crucifixion of Kenny Smith.
After an awkward exchange where The Jet tried to make a joke about Drake writing his own jokes (remembeber the whole ghostwriting saga with Meek Mill?), Drake came back on stage and BURIED Smith 6-feet-under:

Come at the King, you best not miss, Kenny Smith.
All in all, the NBA Awards was a success, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they were back for more next year. In the dog days of summer, sporting events are slim, so any night your league can dominate the headlines is a win, and that’s exactly what the NBA did.

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