NBA Awards 2017: Drake's Most Embarrassing Sports Moments

Drake has been named as the host of the inaugural NBA Awards on June 26. Cue the audible groans from sports fans nationwide.
Look, Drake is a very entertaining and charismatic fellow (even if his recent album just got totally outclassed by Kendrick Lamar‘s) who did a very fine job at the 2014 ESPY Awards. But the ultra-successful Canadian rapper doesn’t have the best track record with sports fans thanks to repeated faux pas and unintentional hilarity.
What specifically am I referring to? Well, Drake has been involved in a number of irksome sports moments that we feel we should review given today’s announcement. Here are five off the top of the head.

5. Drake Is DeMarcus Cousins’ Trophy Wife

No matter who you are, you’re always going to look funny interacting with a 7-foot tall monster when you’re just an average-sized human. But Drake inexplicably made this awkward 2010 post-game interview even worse by sweetly nuzzling into Cousins’ sweaty armpit. Then he just stands there with this goofy smile on his face for a full two-minutes. The whole thing is just weird.
Naturally, the Internet had a fun time with this one.

4. Captain Air Ball

You know that saying, “All rappers want to be ballers?” I think Drake took it a bit too literally.
The singer/rapper has always been a big-time University of Kentucky bandwagoner, which should have warned Coach Calipari off from ever indulging him. Unfortunately, Calipari let Drake take part in UK’s layup line and, well, let’s just say Drake isn’t quite “Steph Curry with the shot.”

3. No-Go, Drake

Again, Drake is a musical artist. He isn’t a professional athlete or an agent or a manager or a team employee. Why would he ever think that his fame would grant him access to NBA locker rooms? I don’t know.
But such was the case in 2013 when Drake tried and failed to go into the Miami Heat locker room after a playoff game. I don’t know what’s more hilarious: the fact that he thought he could get in no problem or the look of confusion and surprise on his face when he’s denied.

2. Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Drake was sitting courtside at a Toronto Raptors playoff game when he busted out a lint roller to work on his pants. First of all, who the hell walks around with a lint roller at all times, especially at an NBA game? Second of all, dude, it’s the playoffs…get your eyes on the game! Third of all, why are you such a douche sometimes?
Unsurprisingly, the Brooklyn Nets would go on to win this series. I blame Drake’s pants.

1. BFFs

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

While Johnny Manziel was still slinging it for Texas A&M, he and Drake had a special bond that grew so much that Drake considered them a “duo.” Whether they were partying together, exchanging back rubs or eating out, there bromance was clearly in full effect. Drake told reporters his bond with Johnny Football arose from them both being child stars (if you can count Degrassi as “stardom”) and is very significant.
Adding to this Bromeo & Juliet fling, Manziel even got an “OVO” tattoo on his wrist and found his way onto Drake’s “Draft Day” song. Yeah, how did that work out for him?

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