Lavar Ball Went Predictably Bananas On WWE Raw

I think the impossible is happening.
I think I’m starting to like LaVar Ball. The dude just owns his absolutely preposterous persona and you just have to respect that.
I’m big on self-awareness, you know? Like, be an asshole all you want. In fact, I’m kind of an asshole. But be aware of it. Embrace it. And that’s exactly what LaVar Ball is doing and he’s all the more likable for it.
LaVar and two of his three sons–Lonzo and LaMelo–appeared on WWE Raw last night in Los Angeles and were, of course, the highlight of the night.

After walking down to the ring with his son LaMelo, LaVar did his LaVar thing, eventually taking off his shirt and going toe-to-toe with WWE star The Miz. And somehow, someway, LaVar found a way to bring his ridiculousness to new heights.
Look, the dude is a showman, and he’s mastered in. 12 months ago, nobody (other than basketball fans) knew who the Ball family was. Now, LaVar Ball is essentially a household name.
And that, my friends, is marketing 101, and you have to respect it.

WATCH: Shirtless LaVar Ball Act A Fool On 'WWE Monday Night Raw'
WATCH: Shirtless LaVar Ball Act A Fool On 'WWE Monday Night Raw'
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