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LaVar Ball Will Be On ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tonight


Lavar Ball Memes

LaVar Ball will be on WWE Raw tonight. I repeat, LaVar Ball will be on WWE Raw tonight.

Every self-respecting 80s/90s kid was and is a wrestling fan. This was pre-MMA where all of our boyish testosterone was channeled through athletic soap operas like wrestling. From Hulk Hogan and Sean Michaels to Stone Cold and The Rock, wrestling was the shiznit (had to go 90s with that one).

Lately, though, wrestling has fallen off. The last decade-plus has seen a real lack of star power outside of John Cena. But could LaVar Mother Effing Baller save the sport? He’s the perfect villain.

Other sports celebs have entered the ring. Rob Gronkowski, Dennis Rodman, Lawrence Taylor. But none of them have the bat shit craziness of a LaVar Ball. None of them are as grating and hate-able has LaVar Ball. This guy was BORN to play the heel and to play it well.

I mean look at this ass clown’s mic skills:

Look, I hate this guy, but isn’t that the point? Hasn’t Ball’s nonstop dickishness gotten his son exactly where he wants to be? Hasn’t Ball proven to be an evil genius? And wouldn’t it be absolutely phenomenal to see him body slammed through a table? Rhetorical question. OF COURSE IT WOULD BE PHENOMENAL.

No lie, I haven’t watched wrestling in years. But I…well, I’m still not going to watch Raw live tonight, but you can bet your ass I’ll look it up on YouTube tomorrow morning.

Enjoy, Ball getting his ass whooped, wrasslin’ fans.

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