Lavar Ball Sucks So Bad That Teammates Are Making Sure Everyone Knows Lonzo Is Nothing Like Lavar

This is just how far we’ve come with Lavar Ball.
LaVar Ball has become such a pain, such a nuisance, such a cancer, that Lonzo Ball’s coaches and teammates are going out of their way to make sure that everyone knows that Lonzo, the only reason LaVar get’s any attention to begin with, is absolutely NOTHING like his father.
Speaking to Bill Oram of the Southern California News Group, while UCLA teammate Bryce Alford wouldn’t go as far to say that LaVar is hurting Lonzo, he does believe people have formed a reputation of Lonzo solely based on his father.
via Southern California News Group:

“It’s just an unfair thing for Lonzo just because I think he gets a rep he doesn’t deserve. And I don’t want to say anything poorly against LaVar, I think he’s done a good job of getting him ready to be where he’s at and he’s helped him become a great basketball player. So, I don’t want to say anything that way, but he does get a persona that’s just totally not him. He’s an absolutely great kid, great teammate and truly cares about what his teammates are doing more so than himself. So if anything, I hope NBA people can see that.”

I couldn’t agree with Alford more — I’ve said multiple times that I’m rooting for Lonzo and all of the Ball children to fail because of my disgust for LaVar. Whether that’s fair or not, it’s probably the general consensus of a lot of basketball fans.
LaVar’s antics are so outrageous that he is genuinely turning the sporting world against not only himself but also his son. Sure, Lonzo will still end up being a top 3 pick, and will probably have a relatively successful NBA career, but he’ll always have a legion of haters, all because of his father.

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