Dude Tries To Run Biker Off The Road, Swiftly Bodies Himself & Others Instead

Growing up in New Jersey, I’ve been involved in my fair share of road rage incidents. When I was 17, some dude literally got out of his car and tried to fight me. I calmly took out my phone, began recording, and then rolled down the window and asked the kind gentleman if he really wanted to assault a minor.
He quickly got back in his car.
However, I’ve been the aggressor in road rage incidents, too, although my brand is merely verbal. I’ve called people everything from fat c*nts to c*cksucking retards. Don’t get it twisted, people, the streets of the Turnpike and the Parkway are as real as you’ve heard.
But that said, I have never been involved in or witnessed any road rage even close this level of insanity. Like, at what point is exacting vehicular revenge worth risking your own life? That must take some Bruce Banner-levels of anger.
via NBC Los Angeles:

A caught-on-camera road rage incident between a motorcyclist and a driver on a Southern California freeway led to a chain-reaction crash, sending an innocent person to the hospital Wednesday, authorities said.
The crash occurred before 6 a.m. on the southbound 14 Freeway near Newhall in Santa Clarita. The passenger who shot the video said he started recording when a gray sedan inadvertently cut off a passing motorcyclist.
The motorcyclist zooms up to the driver’s side of the sedan and kicks the side of the vehicle. The sedan veered left, pinching the biker to the center divider before it swerved and crashed into the wall, hitting and flipping a Chevy pickup truck over on its roof. The motorcyclist zooms past the collision.
The man in the truck was sent to the hospital and is expected to recover, according to the California Highway Patrol. Officials were looking for the biker and said they were investigating the crash as a road rage incident and a possible hit-and-run.

And here I was thinking that Californians were supposedly a ‘chiller’ breed of Americans. Let me tell you something right now: when you’re out-road raging the state of New Jersey, there is absolutely NOTHING chill about it.
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