Australian Rules Football Player Springboards Off Opponent To Get An Insane Amount Of Air


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In today’s Australian Football League matchup between Melbourne and Collingwood, Jeremy Howe put on one of the most amazing displays of athleticism that you will ever see. Howe went airborne to secure a mark for Collingwood, which Wikipedia helpfully defines as “the action of a player cleanly catching a kicked ball that has traveled more than 15 meters (49 ft) without the ball hitting the ground.”

Watch Howe jump and springboard off of poor Tom McDonald to reach dizzying heights.

I don’t know the first thing about Australian rules football, but you’d have to be a total simpleton not to enjoy the hell out of that highlight. Howe pretty much gave gravity the middle finger with the way he kept on rising. He got more air than Pedro taking his bike off a sweet jump.

But smartass Napoleon Dynamite references aside, that play from Howe reminded me of this classic Tom Chambers dunk. Using your opponent as a goddamn stepping-stone is always a crowd-pleaser.

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