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Amena Nazam-Khan, a 36-year-old married teacher who worked at Tong High School in Bradford, England, has been banned from the classroom for life after having an affair with an 18-year-old student.

What Happened?

Nazam-Khan used Facebook and a mobile phone app to sext the schoolboy, whom she nicknamed “The A Team,” and send him naked pictures of herself. A misconduct panel said she called herself “Baby,” and invited him to her home where they had sex.
The student turned 18 in spring of 2015 and spoke at her hearing. He was taught directly by Nazam-Khan at singing sensation Zayn Malik’s former school and their affair began in January that year. The panel also concluded that Nazam-Khan, who had been employed at the school since 2009, also took the boy to hotel rooms.
There were references in the messages of the two dining out together in restaurants though it was unknown who was paying.
The former student told school investigators: “We went out to eat. She would never let me pay for anything.”
He also recalled that once, “we went out to eat and another student was in the restaurant and saw us.”
The affair lasted until October 2015. Upon learning that she was suspended, Nazam-Khan broke things off with the teenager and messaged him: “From now you will never discuss our relationship with anyone.
“Can I also request, that all my photos are deleted. All my messages are too. Because I don’t want any other disgrace by school finding them.”
The panel found that Nazam-Khan repeatedly requested a copy of the minutes from the pupil’s meetings as part of the school’s disciplinary investigation. The teenager also claimed that she showered him with gifts, including a Hugo Boss watch and concert tickets.

But the tribunal dismissed these claims, and the claim Mrs Khan had paid for the meals, because they were made shortly after she had ended the relationship.

The panel said there was clear evidence that around this time Pupil A was “feeling aggrieved and seeking vengeance.” The panel also noted that his performance at school declined as he experienced “emotional distress.”

As for the decision to ban her from teaching for life, decision maker Alan Meyrick said: “The relationships panned several months.
“The panel do not consider that Mrs Nazam Khan has shown any remorse for her actions and the impact upon the pupil. Her remorse is largely for the impact upon her family and herself.”

Tong High School

Tong High School is a mixed secondary school located on Tong Street, Tong, Bradford, England. More than 1,600 students are enrolled at Tong High School. Tong is a school of modern teaching, and has a state-of-the-art educational faculty. It serves ages 11-19.

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