Here Are The Horrible Side Effects Of Binge Watching Too Much TV

In this day-and-age, we can turn on Netflix and we’ll have the world of television at our fingertips. People today have access to nearly unlimited content, whether it’s surfing through the internet or choosing that right movie for that special moment. Plus, with streaming options like Netflix and Hulu, we can binge watch the f**k outta almost any television program or original series out there.
Some people can spend hours glued to the screen. These people appear addicted to Netflix and stare. But what’s the worst that can happen?

What are these crazy side effects of binge watching?

We normally blink 18 times per minute, but not when our eyes are locked in the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Bojack Horseman or whatever you kids today are watching.
Not only can staring at a screen for hours tire out your eyes, but if you watch an average of 20 hours per week then your sperm count will likely go down 44 percent. Watching too much TV can seriously effect your balls, bro!
On the other hand, children who spend extended hours indoors (in general) are prone to a developmental disorder known as Myopia, in which the child’s eyes simply cannot focus properly. Often, this child would be kept inside, stuck focusing on nearby objects like the television screen or the cellphone. Scientists also believe that the sun plays a role in healthy eye regulation. While binge-watching, the child is kept in-doors away from the health benefits of the sun.
By the way, binge watching the tube doesn’t do any favors for your weight. Performing mental tasks like reading or playing chess/checkers can do a lot more to burning off that excess fat than just sitting around and gawking at a glowing screen.
The amount of time that you watch TV has been correlated with the risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease. The viral video from Asap Science points out that multiple studies have linked TV viewing time with all causes of death. But the risk of binge-watching got even darker than that when “one study concluded that one study in front of the TV can cut as much as 22 minutes from your life.”
So, maybe it’s time to put down the remote and those cholesterol-caked cheese puffs. In the very least, watching this short video won’t hurt. You’ve already binge-watched this far. What’s the harm in adding an extra two minutes and 42 seconds to your binging resume?

Here’s a counterargument from a different kind of science guy…

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