Coming From A Dude Who HATES McDonald’s, This McFlurry Cookie IS LIT

I’ve written a lot of negative things about McDonald’s in my young career.

I’ve called it the Devil’s kitchen.

I’ve said that McDonald’s is to American what cancer is to the human body.

When the inventor of the Big Mac died, I had wished he had taken his Frankenstein creation with him. So yeah, I have to assume I hate McDonald’s as much as anyone else out there, short of someone who’s family member was directly killed by their food. Which trust me, has happened.

But even have to admit that this McFlurry Cookie is a homerun. Anyone who knows anything about the meaning of life knows that chipwichs are a top five dessert, and this is essentially the McDonald’s version of that.

So shout out to this kid living in 3017, because this may be the most woke fast food hack I’ve ever seen. If I’m McDonald’s, I’m hiring this dude ASAP.

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