NASA's New Mars Rover Is Straight Out Of The 1998 Michael Bay Classic 'Armgeddon'

I’m a huge space guy. In fact, I’m so much of a space guy, that I’ve said I’m a space guy more than once in my life.

And the reason is this: have you ever seen a legitimately bad space movie, documentary, Netflix special, etc.? I didn’t think so. That’s because anything involving the far reaches of our universe will always be mysterious, intriguing, and awesome. And not awesome in the sense of, ‘Woah bro, sweet kickflip, that was awesome’, but in the way the word was meant to be used: that it fills you with awe.
However, unfortunately, America has been sleeping on its space game for a couple of decades now.
Whether it be budget cuts, technological limits, or the general lack of interest the human population currently has in the great beyond, the United States haven’t been pushing the boundaries of our reaches like we used to.
But it looks like we may be headed back in the right direction — up.
Back in March, news broke that Congress had passed a NASA authorization bill, the first in six years. This bill gave NASA a $19 billion dollar budget for the year of 2017, as well as a mandate: get us to Mars by 2039.
And now, three months later, NASA rolls out this badass new concept Mars Rover. Looks like that budget has been money well spent thus far if you ask me.

Plus, it looks like the Armadillo vehicle from Armageddon and that thing was an absolute space tank.

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