Bars Across The Nation Opened Early For The Comey Hearing

One of the greatest strengths of America is that we can turn literally any event into a reason to day drink. Just look what happens to the country during the World Cup — no one watches soccer for four years, and then all of a sudden, everyone’s drunk for thirty straight days, chanting ‘I believe that we will win’ until their vocal cords bleed.
Americans stole St. Patricks Day from the Irish and turned the Super Bowl into a holiday. What about Cinco De Mayo? Can you tell me one thing about it, other than that you pre-game with tequila? Hell, even the day BEFORE the real holiday, Thanksgiving Eve, is considered a ‘drinking holiday’
My point is that, real Americans will find any excuse under the sun to get a good day drink on, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that bars across the union, from Washington D.C. to Texas to San Fransisco, opened early for the James Comey testimony.
 Texas Axelrad Beer Garden in Houston offering $1 off its political drinks, “impeachmint” and “bad hombre,” In San Francisco, some bars will be opening as early as 6 AM to let the people get a little sauced before the country tears itself apart. And of course, in Washington D.C., where the hearing is being referred to as ‘Washington’s Super Bowl’, bars across the city are going ALL in. One bar is even offering free drinks every time Donnie Freedom tweets (since he’s rumored to be live tweeting the hearing.)
via CBS:

As lawmakers prepare to hear new testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey during Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, the nation’s watering holes are looking to capitalize on his much-anticipated appearance before Congress. Bars across the country are opening their doors early to serve politically-themed cocktails to those looking for a place to watch the hearing live.
Comey is expected to provide details on memos he wrote after each of the nine one-on-one conversations he had with President Trump. In one, notably, the president asked him to drop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn just after Flynn had been forced to resign his position as national security adviser. Flynn had misled the vice president and others about what he had discussed in his contacts with Russian Envoy Sergey Kislyak.

As is everything with the Trump Presidency thus far, the Comey hearing is turning into a circus, both in it of itself, and in the civilian world as well.

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