Here Are All The Best Memes, GIFs & Twitter Reactions To James Comey's Testimony

James Comey is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee today and the internet is predictably going bananas.
Comey was fired last month by President Trump, with some speculating that Comey was pushing too hard on the Russia investigation and Trump wanted to get rid of him.
On the other hand, Trump says Comey was simply not doing his job well. The answers at Comey’s hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee will shed some light on why Comey was fired, what the progress is on any investigations into ties with Russia, and if Trump was aware of any wrongdoing during the election process.
Comey has claimed that Trump told him to back off of a Russia investigation and that Trump repeatedly asked if he was under investigation. Comey would even try to hide from Trump to avoid having to talk about the investigation. All of this has led to today, with Comey testifying before the Senate.
All that said, however you may feel about the Comey & Trump situation, we can all agree the memes are fire.

You can also find the entire transcript of former FBI Director Comey’s opening statement HERE.

Bars Across The Nation Opened Early For The Comey Hearing
Bars Across The Nation Opened Early For The Comey Hearing
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