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Looking For More Instagram Likes? Head To These Vending Machines In Russia


Alexey Kovalev’s Twitter

Are you in disbelief that amazing picture of your brunch didn’t perform like you were hoping on Instagram??? Have no fear, Mother Russia is here to save the day! With these vending machines, your delicious Eggs Benedict will never go unappreciated again.

The Instagram vending machines are found across Moscow, and I gotta say, I’m a big fan of these bad boys. In 2017, it’s all about convenience, and it doesn’t get any easier than being able to purchase some self-esteem with the push of a button!

Maybe Trump can get his pals in Russia to bring a couple of these vending machines to the USA. I’d love nothing more than picking up a fresh pair of slacks from Sears, then watching the likes roll in on my killer selfie. #NoFilter

Via Mashable, here’s the exchange rate on your money.

For just $0.89, you can get yourself 100 fake Instagram likes on your brand new picture.

But if you’re looking to splash out, $850 will buy you 150,000 followers — who are guaranteed to deliver up to 1,500 likes per post, Kovalev tweeted.

Not too shabby. Look out, Selena Gomez. Your reign as the most followed person on Instagam is in its final hour. Vlad Putin is coming for dat ass!

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