Ayyy Steph Curry Made A Shoe That Doesn't Look Like Your Grandpa's Favorite Sneakers

You know what they say — fourth time is the charm! Well, at least in the case of Steph Curry’s sneakers.
While Curry could seemingly do no wrong on and off the court (at least he used to — now everyone is woke to how big of a douche he is), the one thing the two-time NBA MVP couldn’t seem to master was designing a fire shoe.
It all started back in the fall, with the release of the New Balance Retirement 2’s Under Armour Curry 2’s:
The internet collectively agreed that this may be the worst basketball shoe of all time, and it looked like although Steph Curry was going to dominate the league for the next decade, the sneaker world would still belong to Nike, adidas, and the big dogs sponsored by them. Yet, ahead of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, rumor has it that Curry will be unveiling a new colorway for the Curry 4’s.
Now, I am one of the biggest Steph Curry haters out there. In fact, I wrote an article called ‘Steph Curry Is Turning Into A Douchebag’ longgggg before anyone realized he was turning into a douchebag. I’ve long been ahead of the curve on the Steph Curry hate.
But even I have to admit these a pretty damn fire. Taking a cue from Nike Roches or adidas boosts, Curry & Under Armour have finally found a look that works.

You know the saying look good, feel good (or in sports’ case, play good)? Let’s hope these sneakers have the opposite effect on Curry, because the Cavs need all the help they can get.

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