Steph Curry Is Turning Into A Douchebag Right In Front Of Our Eyes




Raise your hand if you’ve heard one of these following quotes before:
“He’s so short!”
“But he wasn’t highly recruited!”
“He seems so relatable!”
“Look how cute his family is!”
These are the usual suspects of statements that have been used in an attempt to describe Steph Curry’s appeal. And for the most part, they’re true.
Steph isn’t that big — at 6’3, he is the third shortest MVP in NBA history, taller than only Bob Cousy and Allen Iverson.
He was not very highly recruited, if at all. He wanted to play at Virginia Tech, where his father Dell had a legendary career, however due to his stature, he was only offered a walk-on opportunity. In fact, Davidson was the only school to offer him a scholarship.
And then there’s his family, whom everyone and their mother seems to adore for simply being a regular family. You people realize that almost every baby on earth is as cute as Riley, right?
My colleuges and friends call me a hater, and I’m not denying that, because I can be quite spiteful. However,  my potential spitefulness has nothing to do with my point. My point is that never in my life have I seen such an outpouring of love for a singular player for essentially no good reason. Not basketball, not baseball, not football. Due to the talent to size ratio that Steph possess, he seems to be getting a free pass on essentially everything he does — good, bad, or otherwise. Just to prove how unique, and outrageous, this outpouring of love for Steph is, let’s examine a very similar athlete: Russell Wilson.
Wilson is also short, and was also under-recruited. Wilson is also a champion, and the leader of a consistently championship caliber team. He’s a devout Christian. He’s dating Ciara, who for the record, is literally 100 times better looking than Ayehsa Curry. Wilson regularly clowns his competitors, just like Curry. So why is Curry revered and Wilson reviled for the same actions? People go out of their way to write articles praising Steph Curry, and insulting Russell Wilson, even though they are essentially the same athlete. I mean, just look at some of these headlines written about Curry over the last year:
And now, the Wilson stories:
My question is: what the hell is the difference between the two? Seriously, their career paths, accomplishments, and demeanor, are all quite similar. In fact, I would argue Steph is more unlikeable than Wilson is. I have never seen Wilson showboat once in his career. Sure, he may be a little vanilla, and a lot of fake, but so are most successful athletes. That’s called business sense. Russell Wilson has made himself marketable to all demographics. People seem to hate Wilson because he wants to be liked, yet adore Steph because he acts like he could care less.
Let’s take a look at the Steph we saw this year — the Steph who showed his true colors. Deep down, Steph is a cocky little shit, and if you haven’t noticed, then you haven’t been paying attention. Sure, if you’re that good, you have the right to be, but should you be? Or rather, should you be cocky in the way that Steph is cocky? This f*cking guy has started to walk away before his teammates shots fall, which is an unprecedented level of douchery. While some may argue this is irrelevant, it’s actually proof that Steph’s arrogance is growing to an almost comical level. This f*cking guy sits on the bench pantomiming a video game controller, as if he is controlling the team. He is the first athlete since Michael Jordan to be allowed to show-off without consequence. Imagine if LeBron James were to pound his chest during the gameplay of a Conference Finals game. Or picture Kobe Bryant turning his back before his, or one of his teammates’, shots falls. Just imagine the disgust that would spew in their direction. It would be a never-ending stream of media hate. Yet, Steph’s unassuming size and baby face have bought him a free pass to be an asshole, and I’m already sick of it. Hopefully, the rest of the country is too. With news breaking that Curry will not be participating in the 2016 Summer Games, more fan’s may come to see his true colors. And yes, I know he’s saying he’s not participating to heal his knees or whatever — but does anyone really believe that? Representing your country is the highest honor an athlete can achieve, but in classic Curry fashion, he’s acting like he’s just too damn cool. This isn’t surprising, though, as Steph didn’t participate in 2012 either.
Look, I’m sure Steph Curry is in reality a great guy. I don’t mean douchebag in a degrading way. Hell, Kobe was celebrated for being a douchebag. Successful athletes have been douchebags for centuries. My point is that his actions are those of a man the public would usually despise, however for some reason, he’s been given a free pass. He’s acting lke a douchebag. Unfortunately for Steph, I think the public is starting to catch on to his act, and I am willing to bet by this time next year he is one of the most hated athletes in professional sports. Steph Curry has been given a free pass his entire career, and I personally cannot wait to see that pass turn to ashes in his hands, so he will finally assume the role of the villain. The douchebag.

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