Tom Cruise Smuggles Drugs In Wild Trailer For 'American Made'

Tom Cruise may be 54-years-old, but the legendary actor is showing no signs of slowing down. The Mummy is set to hit theaters this summer, and Cruise already has another film lined up for the fall. Who needs football when you’ve got Tom Cruise partnering up with Pablo Escobar to smuggle drugs!?
American Made is based on the real life exploits of Barry Seal (Cruise), who was a pilot in the 1980s that went from flying for a commercial airline, to working for the CIA and DEA, to doing all sorts of illegal shit. It appears that the movie will follow the guidelines of your typical drug smuggler film, but even though American Made looks predictable, it also seems like it’s going to be one helluva ride.

Damn, first we get the news of a Top Gun sequel, and now, Cruise is back in the cockpit in American Made. Either time really is a flat circle or Cruise just f*cking loves rocking aviators.
On a highly serious note, the fact that the trailer mentioned that Doug Liman directed Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but didn’t include that he also directed¬†Swingers and The Edge of Tomorrow is borderline criminal. Somebody in their marketing department deserves to get the Wayne Gretzky treatment in the worst way.

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