Tom Cruise Confirms That A ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Is Happening



Put on your finest pair of aviators because I’ve got some fantastic news for Top Gun fans. Tom Cruise went on Australian morning show Sunrise, and his crazy ass dropped a major bombshell.

Watch the 54-year-old actor confirm that Top Gun 2 is happening in the video below.

Hell yes! Hollywood is rebooting everything else these days, so why not revisit the 1986 classic? I have no idea what the plot would be more than 30 years after the original, but we’re not going to let semantics like that put a damper on our enthusiasm. Maverick is returning to the skies to kick ass and take names, and that’s good enough for me.

It’s definitely a bummer that there won’t be any Goose this time around, though. R.I.P. to the dopest mustache in Navy history.

Here are a few Tom Gun clips to get you pumped up for the seuqel. I’m still shocked that playing volleyball in jeans never took off.

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