‘The Mummy’ Is Getting Ripped To Shreds In Reviews

As much as I like Tom Cruise and am eagerly awaiting both Top Gun 2 and American Made, him starring in a reboot of The Mummy franchise didn’t make a lick of sense to me. Did we really need a fourth goddamn chapter of fighting creepy ancient spirits? And if you’re going to take another trip to this played out desert, why not just stay with Brendan Fraser?

It seems that critics are agreeing with me, as reviews for The Mummy have been brutal. The film currently holds a 27% approval rating on Rotten Tomoates, and IndieWire called it “the worst Tom Cruise movie ever.”

And because Twitter loves nothing more than taking joy in the pain of others, there have been tons of hilarious reactions to the movie getting eviscerated. Here are a few of the best tweets that I’ve come across.


Damn, at least Cruise got paid bank for his role. Like the great Rasheed Wallace once said, it’s all about cutting that check.

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