Donald Trump's Covfefe Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images

Is there something more to this “covfefe” thing than what meets the eye? The real Donald Trump says on Twitter that “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” and people went ape sh*t bananas with memes and jokes about this seemingly made-up word. We got covfefe all over this article, from the gallery all the way to the Twitter posts at the bottom of the page. But what does it all mean?!
Maybe he wrote “covfefe” to prove a point, that the media would attack him for absolutely anything. So, he ran his fingers randomly across the keyboard and, in effect, introduced a new world to our lexicon. This reminds me of the book Frindle, that my class read in the 5th grade, about a boy who invented another word for “pen.” In essence, “covfefe” is Trump’s “frindle.”
I’ll invent a new word too. I just heard the bus from outside my window pokdm.
Speculate on that, liberal media!
The other most likely scenario is that the guy made a typo that has earned a life of its own on the internet. Alright, alright, let’s get to dem dank memes already…

I wonder what’s the Urban Dictionary’s take on the covfefe concoction…

Can someone just give me a sign?

Some dad from California even got a “covfefe” license plate.

Even Hillary joined in on the fun. Who could resist the covfefe dog-pile on Donald Trump? Certainly not his chief political opponent last year.

Of course, The Daily Show gave their take on the covfefe outbreak. They’re a bit obsessed with America’s orange-toned ham-of-state. He’s mentioned so much on their show that I even invented a smoking game surrounding this phenomena.

Of course the good folks from the Merriam-Webster dictionary had a joke to share about Trump’s unique and inventive vocabulary:

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