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COED Is Upgrading With Rune


COED is getting an upgrade.

“But why, COED is already the dopest site on the Internet?!” you may be asking your computer screen. First of all, stop talking out loud to a computer, you just look stupid. Second of all, even though we’re already pretty awesome, there’s always room to get even more awesome. That’s where Rune comes in.

If you’ve been enjoying our content lately (which, let’s be honest, you have), you may have noticed a new icon on our article pages that looks like this:  . That is the Rune quill and it lets you do some really cool things.

We live in the digital age where social media is the predominant method of communication. These days, information is disseminated at frenetically rapid speeds that make your head spin worse than a round of dizzy bat. To keep up with the times and ensure that you have every technological feature at your disposal, we’ve partnered with Rune to enable readers to promote interesting points of view, and to allow you to add context to the article when you share it. We’re going a step beyond a simple retweet or share.

What Do You Do?

So how does Rune work and why would you want to use it? Excellent questions.

Rune allows you to highlight key phrases in our posts, comment with your thoughts and opinions, slap a GIF or YouTube video wherever you deem fit and generally interact with articles and users on a much more engaging level. If you leave an interesting comment in your Rune, and want others to see it besides the people you are sharing it to, click the “Promote Me” button when you are done, and we will consider making it visible to all visitors to the article.  Similarly, if you tweet something interesting about the article (and the tweet includes the URL), we will consider making it visible to all readers. This is a great way to grow your own social media following considering we’ve got 5 million monthly users checking out COED (refer back to my earlier dope/awesome comments).

To use the service:
1. On any eligible article page, drag the Rune quill ​, or use your cursor (desktop only) to select the article text you want to leave a reaction on.
2. Leave your reaction or ‘Rune’, which simply can be a highlight, or can include text, emojis, GIFs, YouTube videos, or your own images and photos.
3. Share your Rune with friends by copying and pasting the page URL or sharing directly to your social media feed.
4. If you want to have your Rune seen by all visitors, click ‘Promote Me’ and follow the instructions.
5. You are not required to login to create Runes, but would be required to login with Facebook or Twitter to be promoted.  If you are logged in, your friends on Facebook or the people who follow you on Twitter who are also logged in would automatically see your Runes directly on the article.  You can manage your account, see your friends’ Runes, and the places you would like to be followed at
I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I’ve already added a handful of followers to my personal Twitter account thanks to Rune (shh, don’t tell my bosses). It’s a fun, creative and interactive service that does so much more for readers than sounding off in traditional comments sections. Be sure to check it out.
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