Texans Wide Receiver Keith Mumphery Banned From Michigan State Campus

Texans wide receiver Keith Mumphery has been suspended from Michigan State University‘s campus. MSU is the school from which Mumphery graduated.
According to the Detroit Free Press, Mumphery, 24, was expelled from a graduate program and has been banned from Michigan State’s campus and facilities for violating the university’s relationship violence and sexual misconduct policy.
The ban comes after the university’s Division of Student Affairs and Services banned Mumphery in June of 2016 following a rape investigation in which woman claimed Mumphery assaulted her in her dorm room in March of 2015.
According to police, Mumphery said the sexual contact was consensual, however, he was still was expelled from the school and is not allowed on campus until 2019.
Via Detroit Free Press:

The March 2015 incident involving the current Houston Texans wide receiver is the third case of alleged sexual misconduct among current and former MSU football players in the past three years. Only one of them — an April incident involving Auston Robertson — has led to charges, while another case remains ongoing.
Mumphery was accused of sexually assaulting a student in her MSU dorm room on March 17, 2015. The woman reported it to MSU Police that night shortly after the incident. According to the campus police report, the two met a few months before the incident on an online dating site, agreeing to meet at her dorm room weeks later. The report details conflicting accounts of who was the aggressor and whether elements of their sexual behavior were consensual.
MSU Police forwarded the case to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office and requested third-degree criminal sexual conduct charges in late March that year. On Aug. 24, 2015, the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office under then-prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III — in a decision by assistant prosecutor Steve Kwasnik, according to the police report — declined to press charges because the case could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and the accuser did not return contact

Mumphery, who was drafted by the Texans in the fifth round (175th overall) in the 2015 NFL Draft, has caught 24 passes for 198 yards. He has also served as a return man in his two seasons with the team.
A spokesman for the Texans said they were currently “gathering information,” while Mumphery’s agent declined to comment.
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