Teen Prostitute Jasmine Abuslin Awarded Nearly $1 Million By The City Of Oakland

A 19-year-old prostitute was awarded nearly $1 million by the city of Oakland after being involved in a massive sex scandal with the Oakland police department.
Jasmine Abuslin is the daughter of a police dispatcher who claims she slept with close to two dozen officers over several years, dating back to when she was just 17 years old.
Abuslin used the name Celeste Guap and claims that some of the officers paid her after their sexual encounters. The scandal was brought to light last year when she began sharing her allegations with others. According to reports, the unearthing of the scandal has been tied to the suicide of one police officer and prompted the firing of several other law enforcement officers.
On Wednesday, May 31, Abuslin was awarded $989,000 by the Oakland courts. Abuslin had originally asked to be rewarded $66 million.

Via ABC News:

The Oakland City Council has approved a nearly $1 million settlement after a police sex scandal involving several of their former officers and a young woman who identified herself as an underage prostitute. The settlement reached is much lower than what Jasmine or her original attorney asked for, but she says she’s satisfied with it nonetheless.
Now 19, Jasmine was just 17 when she began having sex, she claims, with more than a dozen police officers, including from Oakland, Richmond, Livermore and Alameda and Contra Costa County sheriffs. In a late night session, the Oakland City Council approved a $989,000 settlement with Jasmine. About a third of that will go to attorney fees.
Five of the Oakland officers allegedly involved with Jasmine are facing criminal charges. The original claim against the city of Oakland, filed by a prior attorney, was $66 million.

According to ABC, Jasmine has had great support from her family and plans to return to school in the hopes of pursuing a career working with animals.
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