Miss COED of the Day: Heidi Hoback from George Mason






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Heidi Hoback was one of our 42 Finalists from Miss COED 2017. She started off the competition as a student at Virginia Tech, but transferred halfway through the school year to George Mason University. One of the things we like so much about Heidi is that she loves being outdoors, whether it’s fishing in the ocean, hunting, or just chilling on the beach.
You don’t need to be a Wildlife Conservationist like Heidi to join Miss COED 2018. We’re looking for all the coolest, smartest, most outgoing college women to join Miss COED 2018.
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Last year our Miss COED competition had over a million votes and it’s an excellent opportunity for exposure, great times, and networking. 


Check out some of Heidi’s question and answers from her Miss COED profile here:

The coolest class I’ve taken so far is…

“Geography of Wine” and it was so much fun! Our actual homework was to drink wine with friends!

My ideal first date would be…

going to a cooking class or salsa dancing class together. Something that breaks the ice and also allows you to see so much about their personality
To see more of Heidi, including her interests and photos, you should check out her profile page below:

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