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Evergreen State College Closing: Full Story & Must-See Details


Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College is closing immediately due to a threat after a multicultural group suggested white people leave for a non-racist “day of absence.”

The liberal school’s campus is located off Evergreen Parkway in Olympia, Washington state.

What Happened?

Evergreen State College is instituting a mandatory and immediate closing following a threat from a multicultural group suggesting white people leave for a non-racist “day of absence.”

The school posted the following to its website: “In response to a direct threat to campus safety, the college is closing immediately for the day. All are asked to leave campus or return to residence halls for instructions.”

No further details were given.

This incident marks another in a string of racial tensions at the school in recent months. Leftist students have alleged racism from administrators in the recent past.

Rashida Love, director of the First People’s Multicultural Advising Services program, sent an email asking for some white students to volunteer not to be on campus for an anti-racist “day of absence” event. Professor Bret Weinstein then sent back an email saying that asking white students to stay off campus is an “act of oppression in and of itself.”

Below is a video of a demonstration from earlier this week that went viral.

Protests began in mid-May in response to campus police questioning black students, the college’s student newspaper Cooper Point Journal, reports. The campus police department denied requests for comments, according to The Tacoma News Tribune.

Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College is an accredited public liberal arts college and a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, located in Olympia, Washington, USA. The school was established in 1967 and today has a total enrollment of 4,416 students and nearly 800 staff members.

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