41-Year-Old Teacher Avoids Jail Time After Having Sex With 17-Year-Old Student

Summer Sparrow, a 41-year-old teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old student, will not go to prison and may never be formally convicted of sex offenses.
Sparrow agreed to give up her teaching license as part of a plea agreement with Cherryville, North Carolina prosecutors.
Sparrow, a mother-of-two, had sex with the 17-year-old boy in October of 2016 after picking him up from a car wash and taking him to her home.
The unidentified boy photographed Sparrow naked and then shared the images with his friends. This is what led to the boy’s parents discovering their relationship and alerting the police.

Via Shelby Star:

Sparrow gave up her teaching license and will not be allowed to set foot on any Gaston County Schools property or attend any function where students are gathered for one year per a deferred prosecution arrangement.
A deferred prosecution arrangement is a deal that can be worked out between the district attorney and a defendant in which the defendant will not see jail time so long as they follow the agreement. A deferred prosecution arrangement is an admission of wrongdoing.
If Sparrow follows the arrangement for the full year without issue, her charges will be dismissed and she will be able to petition the court for them to be expunged. If she does not follow the arrangement, she would enter her active sentence and spend between 16 and 29 months in jail.

According to court records, she and the boy had been using Snapchat to communicate.
Sparrow was fired last year after authorities learned of the inappropriate relationship. She declined to comment about the court proceedings when approached by local reporters. She now goes by the name Summer Dellinger and has since attempted to launch a freelance writing career.

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