WATCH: This May Very Well Be The Most Brutal Knockout Ever



If you have no social life and are unusually entertained by physical punishment being doled out to others, you’ve probably canvased the Internet pretty well for knockout videos. There’s a lot of them out there. Human beings are violent, what else is new. But of all the viscous KOs we’ve seen in our day, this might be one of the very worst. And, of course, by worst we mean best.

Up-and-coming middleweight Mikey Dahlman made his pro debut over Memorial Day weekend against Rick Ogden at the Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana. Now it would be perfectly acceptable if Dahlman had some pre-fight jitters given that this was his first time on the professional circuit. But instead, he delivered what can only be described as a Mortal Kombat-like soul stealing blow that will echo throughout eternity. Ogden never stood a chance.

Check it out ya bunch of savages.

Dude is out cold the moment the punch lands, leading to his limp and unconscious body falling through the ring ropes and splattering on the ground like a glob of ice cream from a tilted cone. Dahlman, on the other hand, just started his pro boxing career in the most gangster fashion imaginable.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that Dahlman delivered this Iron Justice in the first round. It took him two minutes and 14 seconds to completely reduce another grown man trained in hand-to-hand combat to a coma patient.

Thankfully, TMZ reported that Ogden was uninjured. How that’s even possible is a god damn medical marvel, but we’re happy he didn’t get knocked into hotel purgatory Leftovers style.

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