Furious Pedestrian Gets A Satisfying Dose Of Karma

A pedestrian was a tad upset with the way that a driver stopped at a red light in Adelaide, South Australia. I assume that he thought that the driver waited too long to break and was too close to the crosswalk because he lit into him with the fury of a thousand suns.
But just as the pedestrian was getting ready to leave the scene, he got an unbelievably satisfying dose of karma. Whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold is a goddamn liar.


That was tremendous. I love how he got even madder after he walked into the pole, as his embarrassment seemed to take his rage up a notch. It was pretty much the same reaction Kanye had towards the paparazzi after he walked into a pole.


I can understand the pedestrian being a little upset, but he went wayyyy over the line. A simple, “What the hell, bro?’ with his hands thrown into the air would have more than sufficed. You can stand up for yourself and your very cool looking doggo without crazy anticsĀ that would make Earl Weaver blush. Take a chill pill, old-timer.

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