Drunk Man Passes Out On Top Of Stranger’s Trunk, Somehow Stays There For 14 Miles


23 ABC News

On Thursday, May 18, a Memphis, Tennessee man got the ride of his life. He doesn’t remember any of it, though, as he was drunk as a skunk and passed the f*ck out. The unidentified boozehound was so out of his mind that he apparently thought a parked car would be a good spot to catch some Zs.

The car belonged to Carl Webb, and he never even noticed that there was a random dude taking a siesta on top of his trunk. Webb was heading home from a barbecue festival when a cop pulled him over to tell him the shocking news.

Here’s 23 ABC News with the full story.

That drunk must have a rabbit’s foot up his ass because it’s mind-boggling he survived that ride. According to the New York Post, Webb’s trunk is only 14-inches wide, giving our inebriated tight rope artist practically no room for error.

But even though he almost died and was detained by police, at least his shirt was looking fresh and he got a free ride. Marty McFly would definitely respect his ingenuity.

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