UCF Student Facing Charges For Changing His 'F' Grade To A 'B' Grade

University of Central Florida student Sami Adel Ammar is facing a felony charges after he changed his grade from an F to a B.
The University of Central Florida Police Department says that after completing just one assignment all semester, Ammar decided to illegally change his grade.
According to the report, On May 4, Ammar’s Electronic 1 Professor Chung Young Chan was alerted that a grades in his class have been changed. After the alert, Professor Chan noticed that Ammar’s grade had been changed to a B, which stuck out to him, because he knew Ammar had only completed one assignment the entire semester, according to the report.
UCF police were notified on May 5 and began their investigation.
via UPI:

Police said the professor tried to correct the grade, but received an error message. The professor said Ammar’s name stood out because he had only turned in a single assignment all semester, presumably to prove he was enrolled in the class for financial aid reasons.
UCF police said they were summoned to a school building the following day when two unidentified men were spotted in two staff rooms. The men were gone by the time officers arrived.
Police said the IP address of the computer used to alter Ammar’s grade was traced to one of the rooms where the men were seen. They reviewed security camera footage and saw Ammar and another student, Samuel Williams, enter the room.

Police say Ammar turned himself in Wednesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest, however, he was reportedly uncooperative during questioning. He was removed from campus and is facing a felony charge of accessing a computer without authority.
That is all the information available at this time, and this article will be updated should more become available.
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