University Of Central Florida AEPi Found Guilty Of Hazing, Placed On Probation



A University of Central Florida fraternity has been found guilty of hazing and has been placed on probation after one of the fraternity’s brothers allegedly held a gun to the head of a blindfolded pledge.
According to documents released by the school, as the pledges of Alpha Epsilon Pi laid on the floor blindfolded, one of the actives members “took out a rifle and racked it,’’ an anonymous student complained in a February 9 email to the University of Central Florida Police Department.
In an email written to the school’s police department, a student claims that after one of the blindfolded pledges made a comment about the gun not being real, the active member then placed the barrel up to the pledge’s head and asked him if he “thought it was real.”
via Orlando Sentinel:

The fraternity was placed on “organizational probation” through spring 2018 after a discipline hearing earlier this month, according to an April 18 letter the university recently released.
“While on organizational probation, any further violations of the Organizational Rules of Conduct may result in the organization being placed on suspension status or greater with the university,” the letter said.
It’s unclear whether the pledge master who racked the shotgun and pointed it at a blindfolded pledge faced any discipline. UCF has said they will not comment on a student’s individual case. The fraternity members and the pledges were in a backyard in what was supposed to be a bonding exercise.
A UCF investigation found several brothers — some of whom had no experience with firearms — looked on in shock but did not intervene during the situation. Several said they had not known there would be a gun.

UCF’s AEPi, which has about 60 members and serves primarily Jewish students, began at the university back in 2000.

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