University Of Central Florida Balling Out On $25 Million Athletics Village Because Why Not?!

Student-athletes at the University of Central Florida officially cannot complain about their school ever again.
A few years back, UCF announced that they’d be constructing cabanas and a party deck at their football stadium offering “frozen daiquiris, frozen margaritas and every other manner of frozen cocktail your heart desires.” Awesome. But that was just a throat-clearing move, a pre-game for the real surprise.

What Is UCF Doing?

UCF just announced that it will build a new $25 million “Athletics Village” for student-athletes, a complex that will come complete with a lazy river for college students to float in when they’re not at a game or practice. It will be directly adjacent to Bright House Networks Stadium.

Admittedly, this is awesome and we’re all super jealous that we aren’t star athletes at UCF right now. But it’s also a shameless attempt to pump up recruiting numbers and upgrade facilities/amenities to be included into the Big 12.
A lazy river doesn’t quite make up for student-athletes not receiving formal compensation, but it is a start. Do you know how many beers you can chug while listlessly floating down a warm river? A lot. But is it better than Clemson’s putt-putt and indoor slide? We’ll let the readers hash that one out in the comments section.



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