Dude Gets Himself Arrested For Posting About Drug Deals On Instagram

According to a DEA affidavit, Marcos Hatch, an accused Bay Area drug dealer, was arrested last week after DEA agents caught him advertising controlled substances on his Instagram.
Authorities say they learned of Hatch, 20, while investigating another local man suspected of dealing drugs. An undercover Oakland police officer had requested to follow Christian Vanleer on Instagram, and when he was accepted, he started requesting to be friends with the dealer’s other followers – including Hatch’s account, @triggerplayornoplay.
On his account, Hatch posted 20 pictures advertising prescription painkillers and Xanax, using the hashtag #holla to indicate that the drugs were for sale. Other users would comment, asking about the price, and Hatch would respond.
via East Bay Times:

Authorities then began monitoring Hatch’s account day-to-day. They identified about 20 pictures advertising prescription painkillers and Xanax, and believe he used the hashtag #Holla to invite customers to purchase illegal drugs.
In other pictures, other users would do business with Hatch in the comments section. For instance, one user commented on a picture of marijuana, “How much for (an ounce)?” and Hatch replied, “200,” according to federal agents.
Other photos showed stacks of U.S. currency, including one where authorities say Hatch showed his face. It was hashtagged #Takenpenitentiarychances (sic), an indication that, “(Hatch) obtained the large amount of money shown by selling controlled substances, and he was taking a chance that if he got caught, he would be arrested and go to jail,” a federal agent wrote in the affidavit.

Hatch was arrested on Tuesday, May 16, after authorities obtained a warrant to search his home. Inside, police seized numerous guns, including an AK-47. They also found evidence of drug dealing, including small amounts of other drugs, clear plastic baggies, and scales.
Hatch was charged with trafficking alprazolam and faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

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