Reports Of Aaron Hernandez's Life Behind Bars Will Make You Understand Why He Offed Himself

The Aaron Hernandez story has been a tricky one for both my heart and mind, as it plays to two of my core characteristics.
Characteristic number one is that, well, I’m kind of an asshole, and enjoy when miserable people such has Hernandez live a miserable life. That part of me thinks ‘Good, I’m glad he killed himself, hope he burns in hell.’ Not exactly the noblest way of going about life, but it could be understood. Short of you being a hardcore forgiving Christian, I guarantee a part of you reading this agrees with me (yes, you.)
But then there’s characteristic number two, which is that, well, I’m kind of a softie. If I smoke a little too much bud, certain uplifting news stories on Facebook can make me tear up. I well up at the sight of this one old lady on my commute because I wonder if she’s lonely. This part of me feels heartbreak for the general loss of life, but specifically his daughter. ‘Another girl without a father doesn’t help anybody’ this part says.
When news of Aaron Hernandez’s suicide came out, I was maybe more conflicted than I ever have been at this job. Asshole me loved it, but softie me just felt generally sorry for everyone involved. So now, as I read the details of Hernandez’s life behind bars, I can’t help but feel … kind of the same. The dude was a piece of shit, but his life suckedddddd, so I can see why offing himself seemed like the better option.
Do I think he was smart enough to know about the Massachusettes loophole that would throw away his conviction, returning his estate to his family? No, but I’m sure his lawyers were. But do I necessarily think that’s the reason he killed himself? No — the dude lived a miserable existence and didn’t have the courage to face it any longer.
via Daily Mail:

-During his 22 months in Bristol County Jail, Hernandez was charged with 21 disciplinary offenses in connection with 12 incidents. They include at least four fights while on one occasion he was caught with a six-inch ‘shiv’ or handmade weapon. He was frequently treated for fight-related injuries and was written up for physically attacking or even spitting at other inmates.
-After Bristol County, the disgraced sports star spent two years at Souza-Baranowski prison where he committed 12 major incidents – resulting in 78 more disciplinary offenses.
-Reports reveal his once cocksure attitude – he once boasted to guards ‘I’ll run this place and keep running s**t – was running thin.
-He would often complain the guards were overzealous about their body cavity searches, strip searches and cell inspections.
-While on one lonely night in November, 2013, while Hernandez was on Disciplinary Detention Status, the inmate stuffed his face with 20 Honey Buns pastries.
-Hernandez had been placed on the 30-day disciplinary status for possessing 15-feet of ‘fishing line’ which he used to pass notes to other inmates. He then threatened to beat up the officer who discovered the line if he ever met him outside, records show.

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