Man Arrested For Exposing Himself Claims He Did So Because He 'F*cking Hates Portland'

YEAH! Everybody say it with me now!
Ready?! 1 … 2 … 3
Usually, I’m not a big indecent exposure guy, but in the name of ‘f*ck Portland’, I could maybe get on board. Cause seriously, screw Portland, with it’s “environmental consciousness” and its “high-walkability” and it’s “farm-to-table dining.” Here in New York, it seems like someone lit a shit on fire on a good day. You want a farm-to-table meal? Prepare to pay with your soul. In New York, if you want environmental consciousness, you need to drive 3 hours in any other direction, cause that’s where you’ll find it.
So, while I don’t necessarily agree with this guy, I can kind of, sort of see where he’s coming from, cause if we’re being honest, I’m sick of Portland’s shit too.
via KPTV:

An officer arrived at the scene and was directed to a man who was exposing himself and masturbating in public, according to a probable cause affidavit.
The affidavit states the man saw the officer, covered himself up and began to walk away.
The officer stopped the man and asked him about his behavior. Court documents state the suspect, 59-year-old Terry Lee Andreassen, replied that he was on methamphetamine and wanted to go back to prison because he “(expletive) hates Portland.”

Turns out Andreassen, who was arrested on the felony charge of public indecency, is a serial offender, as he was previously convicted of felony public indecency in Multnomah County in October 2014.
Say what you will about his methods — ya gotta respect a man’s commitment to his passion …¬†only problem is this guy’s passions are hating on Portland and pulling his nuts out in public.

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