High School Bully Gets Knocked Out From Huge Bodyslam

A high school bully made a devastatingly bad choice when it came to selecting who would draw the brunt of his dickhead behavior. Watch a bully learn the hard way not to start a fight that he can’t finish.


“Out f*cking cold, bitch” is right. My word, what an absolutely vicious bodyslam. That right hand at the end was just the cherry on top of a concussion sundae. It’s nice to see the good guy prevail too, as that bully totally deserved to get his ass kicked. There’s no better feeling than seeing the hunter become the hunted.
He stalked the kid down, instigated the whole conflict, and threw the first punch. The bully should just be happy that kid showed him mercy and didn’t also berate him with a never-ending string of profanities a la Ralphie Parker vs. Scut Farkus.

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