Man Messes With Another Man's Kids, Gets Promptly Knocked Out For His Misdeeds

I’m not sure what this man did to another man’s children, but it’s safe to assume that it was very, very bad. Like the kind of bad that would work Babu from Seinfeld into a finger-wagging frenzy.
Watch this jabroni pay the piper for his misdeeds by getting drilled into another dimension.
[protected-iframe id=”5ee6cbb378c6df5393a27f147709a955-3508545-105109074″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]
Holy moly, that was a thunderous right hand. He got hit so hard that he couldn’t even stick the landing on his chair. I bet he’s really kicking himself now for not going with an Adirondack. That extra ass space is great for relaxing on a nice Spring day and for keeping you from laying face-first on the ground after getting your block knocked off.
But at least he got in some quality trash talk before getting put to sleep. Once he regains consciousness and the ability to eat solid food, he’s going to be thrilled with his “Better get out of my face before I chokeslam you” gem. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone’s cockiness come back to bite them so badly since Matt Hasselbeck won that overtime coin toss in the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers.

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